About Us

Currently located in Colorado, and growing with responsible growth. We provide sober living homes for those looking to better their lives. Established in 2023, but the history of becoming sober is deep rooted in this team with over 7 years sober for a founding member.

The founding team started this company with a strong foundation of discipline and belief that they can make a difference in the lives of people who have the desire to become sober and addiction free. Every step of this journey has happened faster than anyone expected, the alignment of circumstances has made it even more of a mission for the founders to make sure the people in this community are successful in their sobriety.

This isn’t a company, it’s a community. A community of people coming together to make a difference in one another’s lives, to help each other through the hurdles of getting and staying sober, and to build lasting relationships with like-minded people.

Your assigned home will not only be a place to sleep and eat, it will be your sanctuary, your respite, your community for however long you need it. Sobriety isn’t the only goal in this time of your life, stability, growth, and learning will come with these things and M.A.D GAP is here to guide you in this incredible journey!

Team Members

Patrick O'Bryan


His desire to support people and help them succeed makes him the person you want in your corner in this time of your life and for many years after as well. He will fight for you, even when you aren’t sure you can fight for yourself and remind you of why you can and will make it through this chapter of life and come out greater and stronger than ever before!

Glenn McColm


Having been in the same place as you in his life he has not only insight into what you are going through, but also what it will take to succeed. With over 7 years sober, his community of Sober Souls and God has helped him through every day of this journey and in fact taken him from the brink of losing his life to a man with the heart and soul of a champion. A champion for himself and a champion for those looking to better their lives as he did his own. Loyalty shines through him, with his longtime friendships and employment, this loyalty is sure to shine through to you as well!

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